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A former board member and a Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi, Chris has worked in the advertising industry for over 20 years.

He has also been a founder of several other agencies; Symple, Barradale Leagas Arnold Campbell (BLAC) and FEEL.

A champion of ethics, he writes the ethical marketing blog on Brand Republic and has written for numerous publications, including the FT, Creative Review, Times and Brand Strategy magazine. He also writes the ecoSuperMan Twitter.

He runs workshops and lectures around the world on creativity, opening minds and numerous marketing subjects, including ethical marketing. He’s also done many TV appearances advising on marketing, including a recent BBC programme on disgusting foods, Mischief with Alex Riley, Working Lunch, Watchdog and Channel 4's Battlefronts.

Chris has been a board member of the DMA , Europe’s largest marketing trade body, and was former chair of  the DMA Agencies Council and the Creative Council.

His next book is THUNK, a different way to think.

Chris Arnold is founder and Creative Partner of Creative Orchestra, the world’s first independent creative department, Social Enterprise ad agency and talent incubator.

To contact Chris: chris@ethicalmarketing.plus.com

or call him (no sales calls) 07778 05 66 86

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Photographer Kasper Dudzik