What was once just the desire of a few has now become a mass movement. The everyday shopper may still be searching out the value items but now they are also questioning the ethics of products and brands. Ethical products are increasing in sales year on year and those brands that have ignored it as a value are paying in reduced sales.

Empowered, the new consumer is using the pound in their pocket to make a point not just a purchase.

But ethical marketing isn’t just about environmentalism, it’s far bigger than that. This book challenges a lot of conventional thinking and introduces you to a wider range of ethics and the many types of ethical consumers.

As a brand manager or producer, it’ll give you useful tools to help you understand your Key Ethical Values. How to market and sell them.

It’ll blow away a few myths and probably surprise you with a few new facts and statistics. It looks at the positive and negative sides of big brands. And how to avoid greenwash, ethicalwash and becoming a victim of Brand Terrorism.

A must for anyone in the eco-ethical market or who wants to enter it. An essential guide to understanding the new consumer and why they buy, what they buy and what they don’t.

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